The Space SIG is investigating the feasibility of a near equatorial spaceport located in East Africa.  In order to place objects in space, a rocket must accelerate them to a sufficient speed to remain in orbit (or fast enough to escape Earth's gravity entirely for missions to travel beyond Earth).  A rocket must supply most of the energy to reach these speeds, but because the Earth is rotating, its spin can help as well, depending on where the rocket is launched from.  The best location on Earth to take advantage of this is the equator, where the Earth's angular momentum is greatest.  South America and Africa both have land masses that pass through the Equator, which suggests those are ideal locations for a spaceport.  In fact, the European Space Agency has a launch site in Guiana and the Italians once operated a launch site in Kenya.  The Space SIG project team will study key technical and operational considerations relevant to an equatorial launch facility and determine whether East Africa can once again provide spaceport services to the global launch market.